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45 years bringing astrology to the world

About Me

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About Me


steve judd

I'm Steve Judd, an astrologer with 45 years experience, bringing astrology to the world. I work on character analysis, location and relationship issues, past explanation, present expansion and future exploration. If you have any queries, please email me at

My Background

Steve was born in England in July 1955. After leaving the army at twenty, Steve found his first astrological book in 1977 and then spent a decade learning astrological basics. He is totally self taught. Since then, he expanded his ability by doing many thousands of chart readings.

Since 1998 Steve has increased his astrological career exponentially, starting when he began work for the astrological phone lines. He has written many times in the UK national press but now works solely for himself. During the last twenty years, doing astrological readings has been his only source of income. In the last decade, Steve’s number of consultations has increased. He has records of over 40,000 horoscopic readings, with a loyal client base, many of whom return for regular updates.

Steve has considerable experience on local media and has appeared on national TV. His ‘evil twin brother’, sometimes known as ‘The Caustic Astrologer’, periodically surfaces through different forms of web based media including podcasts, talk radio, web TV and live streaming. His free webcasts are a feature in You Tube, where he has over 90,000 subscribers. Steve has his own brand of idiosyncrasies which endear him to his many clients and fans, which coupled with his bohemian and sometimes direct attitude makes him a unique individual and a powerful astrologer.

In 1994, after many years working in the Glastonbury Festival Green Fields, Steve was a founding member of the Big Green Gathering. In July 2005 he was awarded the Master of Arts Degree in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at the Sophia Centre, Bath Spa University, making him at the time only the thirteenth person in the world to hold that qualification.

My Philosophy

I would be happy in a caravan in the woods – I have uncomplicated lifestyle needs/wants based on green philosophies, such as there is enough in the world for need but not greed. Money is not a motivating force (apart, of course, from being able to live) for me, instead being a tool with which to change the world for the better As above, so below.

My Mission

I feel that along with many others I’m ‘on a mission’ and have volunteered to come on planet to help effect a necessary change in consciousness. The planet is about to take an evolutionary leap which only those who are prepared can take. I’m here to catalyse and help – “to empower people to think and act for themselves”. The microcosm is reflected in the macrocosm.

My Method

My method is Astrology and I want to catalyse and empower as many people as possible to help them upgrade themselves. The Earth is seriously sick, its energy patterns are misaligned, which affects the natural dance of the solar system and beyond. These can be strange concepts to many, but have their foundation in matter/energy science, eschatology and quantum/complexity theory.

Steve has support and backing from many people at a grass roots level through green and environmental connections, people who share his ideas, and people who have given him resources of all kinds as and when needed – “the universe provides” – and the universe leads him in the direction and towards those who have similar aims. This is part of his understanding of how things work. "Amor fati"

  • -"At the end of 2019 you kindly gave me some indication of the issues that I would face, moving to Wales. You said I would sell quickly. I did. I remember expressing astonishment when you said I'd be looking to move at the beginning of July, 2020. That was more than half a year away! On the 6th July, I moved. You said it was the best thing I could ever do. It is. I will continue to value you beyond price as my astrologer. " -
    FW, Wales
  • — "I am so happy you are finally teaching. i wish you success Steve and i am grateful for all I have learnt from you over the past 16 years when Astrology found me. Your students are making very wise investment in the right person". -
    CF, Canada
  • — "With limited information Steve was able to read my life like a book. Without my birth time he described my life with such precision it was scary! Steve most definitely has an inherent gift to connect with his students in a way that is clear and precise. Steve recognised me life, and shared insights that have been in my mind for many months and years. I am grateful to connect with Steve, believe me, this was also part of my life journey!! Steve is the only astrologer that took the time to reply to my inquiries and to guide me to the most perfect solution. I look forward to gleaning more insight and to working with Steve for the foreseeable future. Thank you!!" —
  • — "Listening to your revelations with regard to the positions of stars and planets In relation to a singular birth time was imbued with a bit of awe like an initial reading of Winnie the Pooh. ". -
    RS, US
  • — "Wow, what a great first class on Zoom. Looking forward to the rest" —
    Emily, Essex

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Courses with Steve Judd

Astrology is a precious art, one which will turn your life in an incredible way. The insight and wisdom you will gain from being able to read your own birth chart is truly breathtaking once you know how to decode it.

Steve has been passionate about getting astrology out there for a long time now. One way to acheive this is to pass on his knowledge. Steve will be providing various online courses starting with his beginners course in September 2020. His courses will be extremely informative, affordable and available to anyone in the World.

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